Chapter 12: Mindful Media: Representations of the Effects of Mindfulness on the Brain in YouTube Videos

This chapter explores a selection of videos tagged with the words meditation, mindfulness, brain, and effect and discovers that a majority of videos have been created to market corporations, nonprofit organizations or individuals. Few comments referenced the relationship between the brain and meditation, despite its established physiological benefits. They conclude that online communities are still largely segregated, and that ethnographic approaches may elicit more insight into the everyday practices of these communities.

Andrée E.C. Betancourt is an adjunct assistant professor of communication studies, theater, and film at Northern Virginia Community College. Dr. Betancourt received her PhD in communication studies from Louisiana State University, and she was awarded a Graduate School Dissertation Fellowship for “Under Construction: Recollecting the Museum of the Moving Image,” a study that demonstrates ways in which we recollect our memories and ourselves through museum-going and technologies of reproduction. A freelance writer and editor for a national consulting firm in the D.C. area, Dr. Betancourt has worked in the film industry and for numerous arts and cultural institutions in the United States and Europe. Her research centers on the relationship between popular culture and new communication technology, with a focus on representations of memory and cultural identity located in moving images, cultural institutions, and related virtual communities. Betancourt’s work appears in Television and the Self: Knowledge, Identity and Media Representation (2013), and features her portfolio.

Elise E. Labbé is a professor of psychology and director of clinical training at the University of South Alabama. She also taught at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and the University of Miami. Dr. Labbé received her BA in psychology from Loyola University, New Orleans and her MA and PhD in clinical psychology from Louisiana State University. Dr. Labbé has published more than seventy professional, peer-reviewed publications in clinical and health psychology and has presented at more than ninety regional, national, and international conferences. Dr. Labbé recently published Psychology Moment by Moment: A Guide to Enhancing Your Clinical Practice with Mindfulness and Meditation (2011). She teaches undergraduate health psychology and graduate courses in advanced health psychology, and clinical and counseling psychology practicum for the combined clinical/counseling psychology doctoral program. She has developed both clinical and research programs on mindfulness and health.



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