Chapter 4: Neural Correlates of the Multisensory Film Experience

What are the perceptual correlates behind our multisensory experience of film? In other words, what supports the claim that the perceptual experience of a film can fall into the realm of senses outside the classic five senses? Using 2001: A Space Odyssey as an example, this chapter puts forth some arguments as to why our perceptual experience of an audiovisual medium such as film might be considered multisensory.

Luis Rocha Antunes was a Harvard University Fellow in 2013–14 and a Visiting Fellow for the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation at the University of Copenhagen in 2009–10. He is PhD candidate in film studies at the University of Kent and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, with funding from the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology. His research interests include film perception, experiential film aesthetics, Norwegian cinema, world cinema, and Arc- tic film. He coined the concept of multisensory film experience, and has published articles on various related topics appearing in Queens University Press, Essays in Philosophy, Film International and Journal of Scandinavian Cinema.



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